November 11, 2013

joy in the uprooting

I've moved 5 times in 10 years - and 3 of those were in the last 4 years. That sounds like a lot to me. It feels like a lot.

I do love my apartment, though. 

loving room. painting above mantel by mfamb
living room into office
bird bath
I have big windows that let in lots of natural light, a transom over my kitchen door, beautifully inlaid hardwood floors, and 10' ceilings. I also have 2 fireplaces, both non-working but who cares? I just want to decorate the mantels and hearths anyway. My little fire escape deck is just the right size for my forest of houseplants (which are now inside for the winter) and a couple of chairs, and because I'm on the 2nd floor, I have some semblance of privacy, despite the fact that the houses on either side are so close I could practically touch them from here:
living room detail
 I wonder how long I'll be here?

I give you this to take with you: 
Nothing remains as it was. 
If you know this, you can 
begin again, 
with pure joy in the uprooting. 
― Judith Minty

xo, Susan


life, in small chunks said...

Wow. It is good to see you back. I also have backed away from my blog and just today went back to check out old friends and there you were! Ahhh...makes me think about doing something about mine. Anyway - welcome back. Good to "see" you.

Staci Getz said...

Love your new place!! You have always had a nack for interior design ever since I could remember! Some of your talent as rubbed off on me over the years...still could use some help with this place!


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