March 5, 2012

Henryville, Indiana EF-4 tornado

I live in Henryville, IN.

My daughter, all the dogs, and I were under the stairs in the basement when an EF-4 tornado wiped out the town on Friday. In the way tornadoes do, it skipped our house entirely. We both have hail damage to our cars (baseball-sized hail will fuq up a car...) but the house is fine.

This is what's left of my town. Nothing...

I know we were so lucky, but I'm still just devastated.


life, in small chunks said...

Holy crap. I'm thankful you and yours are okay, and my thoughts will be with your town while you are all recovering.

boops said...

OHMYGOODNESS-I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE OKAY! I feel so sad for those people who were not so lucky (big hugs to everyone)

helle said...

Ohhhh, is this true Susan, I´m speechless. Thank God you and your loved ones survived!
I send you all my symphathy, my friend.
Hugs Helle:-

Marianna said...

I just clicked through a link on Sweet, Sweet Life and had to say that you are in my prayers even though this is my fist visit to your blog.

MFAMB said...

good lord. i had no idea! i am sorry to hear this. i am SO glad you are all ok, physically. time will heal the rest. keep us posted on things.

susan said so said...

Thank you, all!!



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