February 3, 2012

too little and too much

Do you believe in Feng Shui? I do, to a certain extent.

Do I necessarily believe that you should use yellow squares in your Health gua, or that adding pointy red things to your Fame and Reputation gua will increase your Fame and Reputation? Um, no. But it probably doesn't hurt, either.

I do know that everything has (actually, "is") energy, and when your stuff is all jumbled up, you can feel the energy being jumbled, too. And when it's all sorted out, things feel calmer. Trust me - it's science, I'm just no good at explaining it. 

Whether you like to have a lot going on, or take a more minimalist approach, the principles are the same: 

A space should feel good. If it doesn't, move stuff around. More importantly in most cases, move stuff OUT. Clean, de-clutter, organize. Get your stuff in order for maximum good vibes.

 Maybe it's Spring fever, but I know what I'm doing this weekend!

Happiness is a place between too little and too much. 
~ Finnish proverb


life, in small chunks said...

While I don't follow feng shui religiously, (hell, I don't even know that much about it) what I do know is that much of it is good, common sense. I am a minimalist and any time I have too much stuff in my house (and only in my house- it doesn't bother me in other people's houses, in fact sometimes I admire it in other people's houses, I just can't live with it) I feel almost manic and very agitated. Thanks for these pics- many are going straight to Pinterest!

boops said...

I'm totes going to steal some of your images. Beautiful!

Also, I think if there is too much stuff in your line of vision, or if the collection of stuff is not cohesive in some way, the eye tends to gloss over because there is too much to process. But I'm no scientist :)

helle said...

I take it up once in a while, and tends to forget about it soon after....it´s too complicated, don´t you think?

Hugs Helle

Chrisy said...

yes i agree it's a feeling....a flow...you mightn't know why but you know when it's right...and when it's wrong..and boy any of these decors in the pics look pretty right to me...

Anonymous said...

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