January 15, 2012

a part of our life

Alabaster, ivory, opal, pearl. Even the names for white are lovely.

I spent the week travelling for work, first to Chicago, then to Kansas City. After the first few days it turned cold, and the snow flurried, but to no avail. It blew across the streets like sugar, but didn't stick.

I think we won't get any proper snow this winter. No whipped cream drifts for the dogs to plow through like maniacs, no downy cloudbursts of feathery flakes, no crystalline silent woods to explore. I think I'll have to get my fix of white elsewhere this year.  

 The pure air and dazzling snow belong to things 
beyond the reach of all personal feeling, 
almost beyond the reach of life. 
Yet such things are a part of our life, 
neither the least noble nor the most terrible. 
~ Frederick Soddy

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