January 24, 2011

no inclination

So, remember when I was thinking about putting a desk in the chair/tree corner by the fireplace? Well, I was gifted a drafting table, and I'm going to try it there. It's leggy and open, which will be a nice counterpoint to all the heavy furnishings, it's right by a window, and will give me plenty of surface area to spread out my projects, I'm over balancing everything on my lap or the arm of the sofa. 

living room everyday
living room christmas'd up
living room apres' tree, shitty picture

I'd have moved the table into place this weekend, but it's still in the back of my car, which is still parked 1/4 mile away, at the bottom of the drive by the road. Snow, ya know...

I'll post photos when I get it all prettified. Until then, what do you think of the idea?
love the stool!
tough + girly + green paint = swoon!

No pen, no ink, no table, no room, no time, no quiet, no inclination. 
James Joyce


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boops said...

i like very very much

life, in small chunks said...

I think it's a great idea and will look forward to seeing pics. Karin


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