January 6, 2011

in the engine of belief

I wanted to post this last night but COULD NOT get logged in to blogger.

I'm thinking about moving my desk into the living room when we move the Christmas tree out this weekend. Yes the tree is still up. I got started late. Don't judge.

Anyway. Here's the room pre-tree:

And with tree:

So, once that corner is treeless, wouldn't it be a great place for a desk?

Here are some photos for inspiration:

MFAMB sent me this pic when I was settling in at Moss Hill. I have a table something like this,
painted icy blue. It's currently in use as an end table in the living room.
My desk is quite like the one above, only painted red.
Where you from, you sexy thing, you?!
Love this one, too. Sweet, simple.

I may go with something more contemporary, less traditional predictable...


Your work is to keep cranking the flywheel
 that turns the gears
 that spin the belt in the engine of belief 
that keeps you and your desk in midair.
 ~ Annie Dillard 

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