January 22, 2010

some fog is often useful

Early in the week our house-hunting adventure led us into the hills. The tops of the knobs were swathed in ghostly gray. The next day, the fog rolled down the hill and filled the valley. It's still here.

all photos mine
Most consequential choices involve shades of gray, 
and some fog is often useful in getting things done.
- Timothy Geithner


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boops said...

wow...your photos are very poetic :)

susan said so said...

It was really lovely!

Melanie@TheOldWhiteCottage said...

Beautiful photos! The fog makes it look magical.

(I really like your blog and would love to take more of a look around, but the snow makes it run very slow for me.)

MFAMB said...

don't know how i missed this but it's gorgeous!!!


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