January 18, 2010

make a second better

What a difference a day makes!

This has been such a roller-coaster, with giddying heights, stomach-churning drops, and twists and turns galore. Frankly it's been hell, but now - I think - the end may actually be in sight. Almost. Maybe?

So, River House will not be ours. Soon our house won't be ours, either, it will belong to the new family. But (we hope!)  this house will be:

all photos mine (and the Realtor's)

 The house was built in 1965,  has had one owner,  and lots of updates. It's on 7 acres, mostly wooded, with a creek. 3 bedrooms (a craft room/office, AND a proper guest room!!), 2 baths, 2 fireplaces, one with a wood stove insert. Beautiful hardwood floors,  tile in the kitchen. It's almost 1000 sq ft larger than River House, and nearly 1/2 hour closer to the city we're moving away from, but where we'll still work, play, shop, and have friends and family.

That kitchen? HUGE! 
That fireplace? Needs a makeover!
This furniture and decor? Not ours, thank God! (Well, there are a few pieces I'd say yes to...)

And River House, that quiet, solid, still house waiting on the hill, looking over the Blue River? No matter how we loved it - and love it now - it was not meant to be ours. So we've moved on. And truthfully? I think we'll be happier here:

This bears repeating:

"There will be little rubs and disappointments everywhere, and we are all apt to expect too much;
 but then, if one scheme of happiness fails, human nature turns to another;
if the first calculation is wrong, we make a second better:
we find comfort somewhere.~ Jane Austen

Amen, Jane. Amen.



helle said...

That place is gorgeous, truly your house. Would have tipped it older than 1965 looking at the building style. Great place, crossing my fingers!
Hugs Helle

boops said...

it looks lovely! keeping my fingers crossed!

Shannon said...

I know almost exactly what you are going through. The only difference is that we are building instead of buying. We are right now in the thick of it. It is such a roller coaster of emotions. One minute is excitement, the next is fear. But in the end we'll make it! And you will too!! Love the house and good luck!

susan said so said...

Isn't it maddening?! I'm to the point that I'm afraid to be excited, because so much could still go wrong - but I'm such an optimist, it's really difficult for me to rein it in.

*sigh* Aren't we SO fortunate to have such "problems?" Really, I have no business fussing over whether or not we'll get to move out of one perfectly good house into another...at least we HAVE houses! Hush, me!

C.J. said...

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that the universe sent you to me! Did you get the house in the pictures above???? I hope so, I too, am an optimist, sometimes not such a good thing, but would rather be that than the alternative. I tell you that I am so inspired by your blog, the content, the thought that goes into it, everything! You are the "bomb", and now when I get back to my blog I am going to tell them about yours. It is so nice to see a blog that someone doesn't know any "famous" people or the newest of new, I know that you know what I mean. I am enamored.



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