September 1, 2009

body and soul

We're a band of gypsies.

After living in a series of increasingly cool apartments for the past 7 years, Daughter Jenn moved into a house with boyfriend Nick a month ago. Son Jason and girlfriend Abby bought a wonderful old house - their first - and moved into it last weekend.

This is Jenn's house:

Kitchen, into Living room:

Living room into Guest room:


Guest room/Craft room:

all photos mine

We're next!

“A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul.” ~ Phillip Moffitt


helle said...

Such wonderful interiors you are showing! Love the shabby shelter and the dog collection. I used to collect little, tiny dogs too...wonder where they have gone, by the way.

Suppose that Jenn is either your daughter, or a friend, right? Seems like a nice and warm home they are becoming.

Thanks for your nice comment, and yes the curtain, tassel and the Willow plates are from my living room. I´m glad that you like it too!!

Have a nice day over there! Love your country.

Hugs Helle

CARR said...

This is just too cool. I love the interior shots.


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