May 11, 2011

fresh again

Last summer was all about the hammocks. We installed them under the trees, and spent many happy hours lying there, watching the sky change, and the seasons. Once, at the far end of summer, we even fell fast alseep, woke to the sound of rain pattering on the blankets, and just pulled the over over our heads and went back to sleep. In the rain.

This year I'm proposing an upgrade, specifically for times like that rainy afternoon.

I'm thinking we need a hanging bed on the porch (which should also be screened in, but more on that later).

Don't you agree?

Wanna make your own hanging bed?
Go here for a tutorial!
But the important thing is to lie down and fall asleep. 
That little nap means you wake up fresh again and can continue. 
-James Levine
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