March 29, 2011

make our lives whole

I've got a serious case of Dog Love. It's almost a sickness, this deep and abiding love I feel for canines in general, and for one in particular.

I always feel better if there's a dog around. When I go anywhere and a dog is present, I feel more at ease, happier. It's like a drug, this feeling dogs give me, and I'm addicted.

I've always liked dogs, and had even loved a few - then, 6 years ago, Cooper came into my world, a 3 lb, 8 week old bundle of puppy boy little dog baby darling mine. I was determined to be a good dog mom, to do what was best, to do it "right'...and in the process, I fell in love. Fell hard, and deep, and forever.

In many ways, he is my best friend, this most faithful, constant, and loyal companion. I can look into thse eyes and feel my breathing slow, my muscles relax, my heart open. These are not mere words - this happens. I have found my canine soulmate, and as a result, my life will never be the same. It is - and will always be - better, and more, than it was before: richer, deeper, more meaningful, more.

Such a big world for such a little boy
love love love
This is my favorite photo of him as an adult : Captain Cooper on The Blue

Thief of Hearts
 Dogs are not our whole lives, 
but they make our lives whole. 
~ Roger Caras
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life, in small chunks said...

I know completely, exactly what you are talking about. My little man, Jack, makes my entire life better, more enjoyable, happier. When I come home and see him jump up on the ottoman so he can be closer to me, his entire body wiggling out of pure joy, I feel completely loved. In a way that's so different from how I feel loved by the wonderful people I have in my life. When I talk about how I feel about Jack I wonder if it doesn't make me sound like I'm lacking in some human connections. I'm not. But my connection with Jack is so...constant and rewarding. Now that he is 10 and has been diagnosed with diabetes (too much food love on my part?) I have to fight off the thoughts of "when..." and just spend whatever time he and I have left together appreciating every second. I've had the privilege of having many great dogs in my life, but I know there'll never be another Jack.

boops said...

Amen sister. I only wish I took more pictures when my Pumpkin was a little pup. Cooper is so beautiful.

MFAMB said...

i would spank the helll out of him!

Ashlee Moody said...

Hi nicce reading your post


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