November 16, 2010

I would have...

So I've already mentioned sheep, and the fact that I may want a few. 

I may want chickens, too. 

I don't eat chickens. Cows or pigs, either, and no turkeys. It's not that they're not all delicious (they are!), it's that I won't participate in the industrialized torture of millions of animals. (Don't worry, there's nothing gory ahead, and I'm not about to rant.) I'm flawed in my righteousness, because I do still eat dairy, and fish. And I feel guilty about it.

But I could raise my own chickens, and have fresh, guilt-free eggs. I think I could even slaughter a chicken guilt-free. Really, though, I'd be satisfied with the eggs. Besides, chickens are kind of fun.

There would have to be a coop, complete with hen house. In addition to functional, it would have to be not ugly. Within those parameters, the possibilities are practically endless.

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Have you ever raised/kept chickens? Do you have any advice for me? 

If I didn't start painting, I would have raised chickens. 
~ Grandma Moses
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life, in small chunks said...

You truly are a girl after my own heart! I don't (yet)have chickens of my own, although I plan to. Soon. But a friend of mine does, and I often get to share in her abundance of guilt free eggs. Not surprisingly, guilt free eggs taste better! She doesn't eat her chickens, only the eggs. The chickens are free to live out their lives happily, even after they quit laying. They are pets, and she loves them as much as her dogs and cat. I can't wait to have chickens - just need to get the bf busy building us a (cute) hen house! Karin

Angela Michelle said...

Yes, I have raised chickens from egg stage. I can tell you all about chickens and sheep!

Marsha said...

Yes, yes, yes! Chickens with no guilt sounds like a great idea. Are there critters that would eat chickens at Moss Hill? Raising them from the egg is easy enough, as is feeding them and caring for them.....but they do get "poopy" and stinky if you keep them to long indoors.(That is what I did the year I taught kindergarten. But, the children loved them and were unaffected by the smell. So, maybe they only are smelly to adults.) Anyway, yes...... chickens and sheep, and maybe a goat or two.

You had chickens at the Spring House, didn't you?

susan said so said...

@Karin: There must be truth to the old saying, "Great minds think alike!"

@AM: Have you kept chickens? Do you have chickens now?

@Marsha: Yes, we did have chickens at the Spring House! They were really just pets, as they were already past their prime and never laid reliably. But they were fun, and easy, though I've wondered since if I only found them to be easy because I was neglecting actually them? Not sure!

MFAMB said...

i desperately want chickens. our neighbors have 5 and they are awesome!!
in fact we are feeding them this weekend!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I'd love to raise chickens.
They are really quite beautiful, and just imagine the taste of the eggs.
But unfortunately, Edward would simply never allow it!


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