October 2, 2010

there he kept her, very well

Happy October, peeps! 

You know what that means, yes? It means it's officially PUMPKIN TIME! Some years (most, actually) Pumpkin Time starts in September, but this year was obscenely hot, leaving me to whimper limply in the heavy air, and not in the mood for pumpkins. Finally, though, the nighttime temperatures are dropping into the seriously chilly range, and pumpkins look - and taste - seasonally appropriate.

I love all things pumpkin...the color, the shape, the fragrance, the flavor...

Have you tried Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte? It's a warm, fragrant cup of bliss, and with soy milk and lite whipped cream it's not too bad calorie-wise (if you count it as a meal!)

I want this house, tucked into the woods here on Moss Hill. 

In a weird way, it kind of reminds me of  River House...

IHOP's Pumpkin Pie Pancakes are back. You have through Christmas to try them, and TRUST ME, you do want to try them. MMMMM, so good you know they're bad for you, but so worth it!

Another seasonal treat to try - DQ's Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. Holy cannoli it's delicious, a cool shivery cup of creamy pumpkin pie flavored goodness, complete with bits of flaky crust, whipped cream (a recurring theme!), and nutmeg. 

Before the season's over, you can enjoy pumpkin kisses, pumpkin ale, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin donuts and muffins, Godiva pumpkin patch truffles, and even pumpkin flavored lip balm. 

If I've missed anything, you'll be sure to let me know, right?
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Edited to add the cutest pumpkin of all: :
Thanks for the reminder Boops - how could I forget this sweetheart?!)

Peter, Peter pumpkin-eater
Had a wife, and couldn't keep her.
Put her in a pumpkin shell
and there he kept her, very well!
~ Mother Goose

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boops said...

you forgot one Pumpkin :)

C.J. said...

Susan, great post! I am going to Seattle this coming Friday and Saturday the daughter, (mine) and my grand-kids are going to the "pumpkin patch" to pick out their pumpkins and on a tractor as well. wohoo! what fun that will be.

boops said...

ha ha! i love it! xo

Bobbie said...

I love that Pumpkin house!!!

MFAMB said...

yaaaaaaaay!!! my favorite my favoritee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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