July 10, 2010

the excitement of possibilities

In 60 hours I'll board a plane with no more than a single small backpack of my belongings and fly across the ocean to Scotland, where I will spend 2 stupendously, gloriously, amazingly wonderful weeks. 

As always, I will be traveling light. Still. there is much to do before such a journey, preparations to make in advance so that the journey itself will go as smoothly as possible. When you're traveling with only what will fit into one carry-on bag, it's important that you pack what you need, and need what you pack. 

I love the moment when I'm on the plane, my bag is stowed, and the hatches have closed. When it's too late to worry about even one more thing, what's done is done (or not), and out of my hands, I surrender to the mercy of fate, and at that precise moment, my journey begins.

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Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.
 Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. ~ Gloria Steinem

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Anonymous said...

Hurray for you, and thanks for sharing this! Sweet thoughts for me to ponder as I drift off to sleep.

Marsha said...

Not to worry---if you don't have it, I probably do! See you very soon! I leave for the mainland in the morning at 9pm. Goodbye Stromness!

boops said...

i'm so jealous! have a fab trip! takes lots of pics to post!

MFAMB said...

hope i didn't miss your farewell! have safe trip and a grand time!
pictures are requested and demanded.


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